A Message to our Members on Consolation Grants

Several members have written to inquire about the policy of not awarding consolation grants to our runner up organizations.  Here’s what the founder of the Impact 100 model, Wendy Steele, has to say. Our policies are based on her “best practices” information.

Of course, Impact100 Metro Detroit members share the desire to create as much transformation as possible.  Our goal is to continue to increase our reach through growth of our membership base, enabling us to give out multiple grants of $100,000 or more.


Our Process is Well Documented and Clear to All

  • We have a rigorous process to assess and vet our amazing nonprofit applicants. Every dollar given is accounted for, so our members know exactly what work their dollars have made possible.
  • When our members join, and when nonprofits apply, we are very clear on our process.  We make significant grants ($100,000 or more) designed to be transformational.
  • Grant recipients are decided by a majority vote of our members. 1 woman, $1,000, 1 vote.

Runner Up Organizations Still Benefit

  • We promote, publish and share the Wish Lists of all Finalists.
  • We know there is a ripple effect as our members become very connected with our grant applicants and (especially) with our Finalists. Members have been known to volunteer, donate in-kind, and even make significant cash donations to applicants and (especially) to finalists.
  • Nonprofits consistently report that their organization becomes better and stronger by going through our grant process.
  • It is common to have a nonprofit become a Finalist more than once – before receiving an Impact 100 grant.
  • Nonprofits regularly apply for grant funding that they do not receive. It is not as traumatic for them as it is for us. Most grant-makers do not provide the level of support, feedback and opportunity that an Impact 100 chapter provides.
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