How can I become a member of Impact100 Metro Detroit?

New and returning members, choose one of the five membership types at the top of the page.  Pick the type that aligns with how you prefer to pay (the titles reflect the payment option).  Then simply follow the instructions on the form.

There are several payment options (credit card, check, PayPal, etc, and membership payments can be made in monthly installments.

When can I join?

Anytime. We welcome new memberships throughout the year, but payment in full is due by December 31 in order to participate in the grant review process.  You can join and pay anytime prior to April 15 in order to vote on the grants we award each May.

Can I make my membership donation with installment payments?

Yes. Installment payment options are available, but payment in full must be received by December 31 in order to participate in the grant review process and vote on grants awarded the following May. All installment payments are nonrefundable donations.

Is there any financial support available for membership?

Impact100 Metro Detroit offers several options for those who wish to join but require financial assistance.   A small number of supported memberships (member pays less than $1,100) are available each year for women who are ready to share their time and talent.   To apply, please complete the Apply for Support membership form as well as the follow up form you will find on the exit page.  Once the application is submitted, a member of the Board of Directors will contact you.

Why is $100 added to membership?

Joining Impact100 Metro Detroit with a donation of $1100 allows $100 to go toward general operating expenses.  This includes events such as the Big Give, expenses for software, banking, accounting and grant management, and helps keep the grant application process free of charge for the non-profits.  It does NOT include salaries of any kind.  Impact100 Metro Detroit is a volunteer-run organization and pays no salaries.

Your entire $1,000 membership will be included in our grant pool and awarded to deserving non-profits through a vote process at the Big Give.


I want to give more than the required membership donation. Do I get more than one vote?

Although additional gifts are always welcome, each Member is limited to one vote per person per year. But you can set your membership to auto-renew each year (click the box on the form), or you can make a donation on our Friends of Impact page to help with expenses or sponsor others to join.

If my employer or my spouse’s employer has a matching program, will you accept this donation?

Yes, we gratefully accept employer matching gifts. You can use your match to pay for any portion of your membership cost, or you can pay your membership in full and donate your match to be used as you see fit (choices can be found on the Corporate Match membership form).

Please submit a matching request for your donation to your or your spouse’s employer. Some employers will also provide matching donations for retirees.

What role is there for me if I don’t want to become a member?

We welcome “Friends of Impact 100 Metro Detroit” and are thrilled when an individual or a foundation wants to help us through monetary donations or in-kind service donations. Although they do not provide voting rights, these donations help cover the operating expenses that are essential to accomplishing our mission.

How long is my membership valid?

Each paid-in-full membership donation provides voting membership for the next calendar year. The membership year runs from June 1 to May 31.

Are donations to Impact100 Metro Detroit tax deductible?

Yes. Impact100 Metro Detroit is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law for the year in which they were made. Please consult your tax advisor for guidance.