How do I apply for a grant?

Applications are submitted through our on-line process. We begin accepting grant applications in mid-November. If you would like to receive notifications regarding our grant process, please sign up to receive our Nonprofit Newsletter by going to the “Contact Us” section of the website.  If you have other questions, you may send a mail to

What is the amount of the grant?

Our goal is to provide one or more $100,000 grants each year. The actual amount and number of grants is determined when our membership is finalized each January.


Is there more information I can receive about the Impact100 Metro Detroit grant?

In November, we host a grant workshop for nonprofits where additional information about our process is provided. If you would like to learn more about this workshop and how it can help you, please mail us at Please look for a link to sign up for the workshop by visiting the “Events” section of our website each October.  All nonprofits are welcome at this annual event.


How is the grant award determined?

Our grant committee, comprised of Impact100 members, completes a rigorous review of all applications. Throughout this process applications are narrowed down to those that best meet our giving eligibility, preference, and priority guidelines. Site visits are conducted before finalists are selected. Finalists describe their organization and present their project at our Annual Awards Event. The grant recipients are determined at that meeting by a ballot vote of members in attendance (one vote per member).



If we submitted an application last year and did not receive the grant, can we reapply?

Yes, you are welcome to apply again. Funding can be requested for the same project or something new.


What if the project will serve residents outside of Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties?

The grant is open to nonprofits located in Wayne, Oakland, or Macomb counties. The project should have a focus on serving residents of the tri-county area. However, it is recognized that residents outside of the tri-counties may also benefit from the project.

What type of communication can be expected during the grant process?

In the application you will be asked to provide a contact person at your organization. Throughout the various stages of our process, we will provide status updates and reach out to your designated contact if we have questions or require additional information.

What can be expected during the site visit?

A member site visit is conducted for applicants as a part of our review and selection process. During the visit a panel of 2-4 Impact100 Metro Detroit members will visit your location to learn more about your organization and project. Site visits occur over a 3-4 week time frame so a mutually agreed upon date can be identified.


If selected as a finalist, what can I expect at the Annual Grant Awards Event?

Finalists will be asked to submit a one page summary about their project. Project summaries will be provided to all members in advance of the Annual Awards Event. During the event, each finalist will provide a brief, verbal presentation about their organization and how the Impact100 Metro Detroit Grant will be used. After the presentations, the winner will be determined by membership voting and announced at the meeting.


How will the grant money be paid?

Grant money will be disbursed based upon the Grant Payment terms as detailed in the Grant Agreement.   The terms are developed based on the project plan provided during the application process. All grant money must be disbursed within 18 months of the award.

In addition to the eligibility and guidelines, are there other restrictions I should be aware of?

Impact100 Metro Detroit will not provide grants for the following: debt reduction; relief of operating deficits, interim or bridge funding; fraternal, sectarian or partisan, legislative or political in nature; fund drives; annual appeals; fundraising events; or general capital campaigns unrelated to a specific project.