Wish Lists

At Impact100 Metro Detroit, our mission is to support the work nonprofits are doing in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties.

We encourage our members to get involved with any nonprofits that ignite their hearts.  To help you connect, we have “wish lists” that have been submitted to us from local nonprofits.

Charities often have small miscellaneous items that they need to help them function, and most nonprofits are on a constant search for volunteers.  If you want to get involved, click on a wish list and see what you can do.  Your community thanks you!

Haven Wish List

Bottomless Toy Chest Wish List

DBG Hygiene Event Wish List

Downtown Boxing Gym Wish List

Detroit Institute for Children Wish List

Sweet Dreamzzz Wish List

Catholic Charities Senior Phone Reassurance Volunteer Wish List

Autism Awareness Play-Place Supplies Wish List

Beyond Basics Wish List 

Kadima Wish List

Music Hall Wish List

South Oakland Shelter Wish List

Kids Kicking Cancer Wish List

DBG Special June, 2019 Wish List

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