Delray Beach, FL – October 24, 2016– The Impact 100 Council held it’s first Global Conference this week in Delray Beach, Florida.  The event brought national and international representatives together to build community and to share knowledge, information, and stories of transformation from across the world.  Attendees came from 20 states and from the continent of Australia, and nearly all of the 39 Impact groups now in existence were represented.  This largest ever gathering of Impact women was an uplifting and energizing educational party.  The keynote speaker, Wendy Steele, founder of the Impact 100 model of giving, spoke of the ripple effect that begins when just one woman puts the process in motion, a process that has been changing communities and lives for 15 years.

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Impact100 Metro Detroit board members Emily Eichenhorn, President, and Kim Huttenlocher, Secretary, attended the conference on behalf of the group.  Both were moved by the positive energy, the creativity, and the willingness to share knowledge and build up the Impact model, all of which were in evidence day and night over the three day event.  They brought back ideas that will help foster growth here in Metro Detroit and will enable us to make an even greater impact on our community through our transformational grants.  “I felt the amazing power of a group of women wholly motivated by a desire to make a difference,” said Huttenlocher about the conference.  “These dedicated Impact leaders spend thousands of hours bringing women together in collective giving and truly making our world a better place, one community at a time.”

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