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We would like to invite you to become more directly involved in the Impact100 Metro Detroit philanthropic process by joining one (or more) of our committees, described below. You can tell us about your areas of interest when you become a member of Impact100 Metro Detroit.

Grant Review Committee:

Participate in the important task of reviewing and selecting the nonprofits that will become the finalists for the $100,000 grant awards! You can work with a team of members either during the day or evening to fit your schedule. The process includes an in-depth review of the applicants’ grant proposals as they are narrowed down to the selection of finalists. If you haven’t worked with nonprofits before, we offer training sessions to familiarize everyone with the process. Committee members will also work with the Nonprofit Relations Committee to provide communication to the nonprofits throughout the grant review process.

Time Commitment: One to three meetings during the grant review process, February – April.

Nonprofit Relations Committee:

Members of this committee will have the opportunity to learn about and communicate directly with the nonprofits who have applied for a grant and are working through the grant review process. This team helps create awareness about our grant opportunity within the nonprofit community, helps with training potential applicants on how to best fill out our grant application, and shepherds participating nonprofits through the process as needed. Members work with the Grant Review Committee to maintain the nonprofit application and disposition database. As an ongoing benefit to participating, members can enjoy maintaining contact with the nonprofits and can be an on-going resource for them in the future.

Time Commitment: One hour per week during the four week grant review process. Variable on-going.

Membership Committee:

Here’s a brief snapshot of what this team does and the many ways you can be a part:

  • Help welcome (via phone or email) new and returning members; keep them informed and engaged.
  • Collaborate with the Event Planning Committee on the development of membership and networking events.
  • Coordinate with the Marketing and Nonprofit Relations Committees to maintain member involvement.
  • Communicate with the chapter secretary and website administrator for on-going awareness and member retention.
  • Assist the Chair in responding to general inquiries about membership, and be a point of contact for general members.

Time Commitment: One hour per week. Participation in events as needed.

Financial Review Committee:

Help the Finance Chair update and implement the guidelines for the financial information that applicants are required to submit for review during the grant process. Work with the financial review subcommittee(s) during the process. Interface with the Grant Review Committee regarding the analysis of financial stability of grant applicants. Collaborate with Nonprofit Relations Committee as necessary to assist in training and communication with grant applicants. Committee members have an integral role in the selection of grant finalists.

Time Commitment: Three to four in-person meetings during grant review process, February – April.

Event Planning Committee:

Enjoy a chance to express your creativity by assisting the Event Planning Chair in organizing of all Impact100 Metro Detroit events. This includes events for both membership and/or corporate sponsor recruitment, as well networking/relationship building events for current members and sponsors. Work closely with the Membership, Marketing, and Nonprofit Relations committees, and with the Board of Directors and Treasurer for budget and event approval.

Time Commitment: One hour per week. Attendance at events.

Annual Award Event Committee:

Work with event Co-Chairs to plan and implement the amazing Annual Award Event. Work in close conjunction with the President, and with the Marketing, Grant, and Nonprofit committees for development and delivery of the event materials to members and nonprofits, and with the venue for the event details.

Time Commitment: Weekly calls or in person meetings in the two months before May Grant Awards Event, March – May.

Marketing and PR Committee:

Brainstorm with Event Chair to develop the content for all brand-building and marketing materials.  Materials will be used for online communications, and for interaction with media, nonprofits, and the business community. Work closely with the Membership, Event Planning, Annual Awards Event committees, the Secretary and the President/President Elect on communication strategy and materials for event awareness. Coordinate with the Secretary on distribution of other member information. Provide the content to the webmaster for the website and social media.

Time Commitment: One hour per week when new items are needed.

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