We are women working together to fuel transformation in the tri-county area through philanthropy.

Impact100 Metro Detroit is a group of women making a big impact together. Through informed and strategic grant-making, our members invest in the work nonprofit heroes are doing to transform lives in our community.

What makes this group different?

  • All members are women, and all who run the organization are volunteers.
  • Members are invited to participate in all phases of the philanthropic process, including having a direct say in awarding grants.
  • Each member’s individual annual donation feeds into a larger award pool that can make a significant impact on a nonprofit’s work; no single donor has any greater influence than any other.
  • All grant pool funds are distributed each year.
  • Membership donations can be made in monthly installments.

See Impact100 Metro Detroit’s mission, goals, and who we help here.

What can I expect when I join?

  • You will become a part of a vibrant and active group of women of every age and background who want to make a difference.
  • You will be offered the opportunity to work on a committee of your choice if you wish (there is one for every interest).
  • You will receive newsletters and invitations to member events and gatherings.
  • You will learn about the nonprofit organizations in your community and the good work they are doing.

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Supported Memberships

Impact100 Metro Detroit offers several options for those who wish to join but require financial assistance.

  • A small number of fully sponsored memberships are available each year for women who are ready to donate their time and talent to the organization.  To apply, please fill out our membership form and choose the “pay later” option.  When you submit the form, you will be directed to a page that contains a link to our supported membership application.  Once the application is submitted, a member of the Board of Directors will contact you with more information.
  • Many of our members use matches from their places of employment to pay a portion of their membership.  Check with your company to see if that is a possibility.
  • Due to the generosity of donors, partially supported memberships are also available through Impact100 Metro Detroit.  Members contribute what they are able, and our donors give the remainder.  Please follow the instructions above to access the supported membership application.

It is our goal that all women who wish to be a part of Impact100 Metro Detroit have the ability to do so.

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