Tracie Hightower

A leader in academic innovation for the past eight years at Cranbrook Schools, Tracie has led professional teams and students using creative thinking around process improvement and organizational pursuits for equity and inclusion. Throughout her career, Tracie has served on boards for academic and youth programming, developing an expertise in collaborative work teams, design thinking, and innovative technologies within the K-12 environment. Tracie was the Founder and CEO of Kemet Creative, a small video production and graphics company for start-ups and small businesses seeking brand marketing elements.  Her new firm, Collective Flow Learning, LLC, is a consulting practice that supports nonprofits and community-facing organizations.  She helps organizations to build resilience with sound strategy, vision and problem-solving practices to strengthen, sustain and grow their business model.  She works collaborately wiht leadership teams to:

  • develop strategic plans that align with the organization’s mission and values
  • build capacity to generate new ideas for programming, services, operations and solutions
  • facilitate workshops and creative thinking sessions
  • design and implement pilot projects and innovation hubs
  • harness the genius of what makes their organization unique

Tracie resides in Southfield with her husband of 30 years.  They have two girls.