Tracie Reihm

Tracie is a marketing consultant with a deep knowledge of marketing communications and advertising, including brand positioning, strategy development and integrated marketing planning/execution. She is a true advocate for using data to improve performance, and for putting the customer and their needs first. She has championed award winning loyalty programs for several fortune 500 companies, and is experienced with a diverse range of industries/categories such as financial services, travel, communications, insurance and automotive. Tracie has held leadership positions at CU Solutions Group, DP+, and Campbell Ewald, where she was an executive vice president and member of the board of directors. Tracie holds a degree in communications from Michigan State University. Her number one priority is her husband and three children (which includes being an Uber driver/mom for her teenage daughter). Tracie enjoys volunteering for several local organizations, schools and her church. She also loves to entertain and is learning to love golf.