When we give, we get that wonderful feeling. It’s a story with a happy ending.

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New members are joining! Have you been a member of Impact100 Metro Detroit in past years but haven’t yet joined for the 2018-2019 grant year? Giving Tuesday can be that signal and serve as your anniversary date to renew.

It’s a fitting time to renew your membership. Every year, our grant award pool is as great as the number of members who join and renew with their donation. Each year our grant grows!

Transplanted Michiganders Still Love Home
Impact100 Metro Detroit members who move away still enjoy the opportunity to cast their vote for the grant award electronically.

It’s a great opportunity to show your continued connection to your home community even though moved away. That’s the beauty of this model of philanthropy: every member feels directly connected to our high-impact grant.

We also have many members who also expand their impact by donating toward a sponsorship for another woman who would like to participate but can’t fully find all the funds this year.

We love the spirit of Giving Tuesday because it mirrors our basic philosophy that there is great impact when many people give together. Let’s be part of that movement and cultivate transformation together!

Join now or renew your membership here!

The Impact 100 model of philanthropy allows women to give in many ways: here’s three.
First, you give when you join by donating $1100 to both contribute to the grant pool and to help support the organization overall.

Second, you can give by volunteering on a committee, or serving on our board, or helping another member learn about a new nonprofit or a new skill.

Third, you can give by introducing someone else to the thrill of being a member. Additionally, you give when you vote on which worthy organization will be granted one of our transformational gifts.

Be a part of fueling transformation for generations to come! Questions? Contact us here!

Join now or renew your membership here!

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