Project: Capital Campaign “Building the Future”

In October 2003, I sought help for youth in Metro Detroit who had experienced hair loss due to cancer, alopecia, trichotillomania and other disorders. My search revealed no place for the kids to go where they could receive a wig. Ready-to-wear wigs are designed for adults and do not fit a child’s head, nor are they styled in the fashion a child would wear. Compelled to assist these children, I founded Wigs 4 Kids in 2003. Kids need to have a sense of belonging, they need to fit in and be accepted by their peers. Wigs 4 Kids helps kids deal with appearance-related issues and social acceptance; which is so critical to children of all ages.

Unmet Need:
Hospitals and medical centers heal a child’s body. Wigs 4 Kids focuses on the appearance-related side effects of treatment. We help the children heal emotionally, socially, and psychologically by providing wigs & support services. In addition, we offer a safe, nurturing & welcoming environment at our Wellness Center for the children and their families to be with others experiencing health challenges leading to hair loss. All services are provided by licensed professionals in their respective fields.

Our Wigs 4 Kids capital campaign which we started 3 years ago will help our organization establish a forever home – a permanent, brick-and-mortar facility where we can double the amount of children we serve and continue growing this important program. We are currently in leased space and we are on month to month.

Project Summary:
Wigs 4 Kids is requesting support for a renovation project through our capital campaign. We have a very generous donor who has donated two medical suites that we now own, yet we need additional funds for renovations that will ensure the facility is safe for the health of our kids and their families. With a total project budget of $270,000, we have raised $150,000 and your additional grant of $120,000 would make a huge impact; completing this project and making our dream of establishing a forever home a reality. It would also provide us with additional funds to defray relocation costs and startup operations within our new facility. With a permanent brick-and-mortar location larger than our current leased space, Wigs 4 Kids will be able to continue expanding our programming and DOUBLE the amount of Michigan children we serve.

Project success will be defined by the completed renovation of a building that will serve as the permanent location of Wigs 4 Kids. Inside the facility, we will have the ability to serve more
Michigan children and further develop our comprehensive programming. As the need arises, we will have the capabilities of expanding our services.

Funds for the project will be spent on hard costs which are assets; and maintenance will be minimal since everything is new. Regarding our Wigs 4 Kids program, we will continue our community outreach and further develop relationships with the press/print/TV/radio media outlets who have helped us raise awareness over the years. We have grown into a household name in the tri-county area of Michigan and are solely funded through the kindness & generosity of the community. We have never turned a child away and are debt free. We utilize social media and do not pay for any advertising. Our Board does not approve an advertising budget. We also have a $10,000 monthly grant through Google Adwords to raise awareness through digital marketing efforts to find more families in need and donors to help us continue our mission. Vertical Response email marketing also allows us 10,000 complimentary emails per. This is all part of our creative financing plan to aid with our sustainability.

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